(Date: 01/19/2023)

Less Than 3 Months to Go!

Hi All!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year’s.

Can you believe we are less than three months out from the conference already? It’s going to be here before you know it! Here are some important deadlines and bits of information:

Professional Track

If you would like to apply to attend James L. Rubart and Tracy Higley’s Professional Major Morning Track, please request an application from director@vcwconf.com. The deadline for submitting an application is March 1, and for requesting an application, the deadline is February 25. This track is for writers who have moved on from an occasional submission to publishing consistently and with the intent of making writing at least a part-time career. This is not a beginner’s track, so there is an expectation that you are already be working on your platform and marketing and future projects.


If you have signed up for the Mentor Track, please look for a separate email in the next week with what we need from you. Your submission deadline for your questionnaire and writing sample, etc., will also be March 1.

Writing Contest

We are going to have another writing contest this year, with the theme: Courage. Submit no more than 1,200 of your best words (any genre) to director@vcwconf.com by March 10th exploring any aspect of Courage. It can be a complete piece, or the opening of a larger work, but either way it must stand on its own. The work must be original and previously unpublished, and adhere to industry standard formatting:  Word document, 12 point Arial or Times New Roman, black ink, double spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs, .5 indent on paragraphs, no graphics or illustrations, one-inch margins on all sides, with page number in the bottom footer and your name and title in the header. No cost for attendees to enter.


For those of you who want to have a pair of professional eyes on your words, we’re accepting submissions of up to 1,200 words of prose (fiction or nonfiction…no poetry). One of our talented faculty will read and give you feedback. Deadline is March 1. Email your work to director@vcwconf.com: Word document, 12 point Arial or Times New Roman, black ink, double spaced, no extra spaces between paragraphs, .5 indent on paragraphs, no graphics or illustrations, one inch margins on all sides, with page number in the bottom footer and your name and title in the header) to director@vcwconf.com and you will receive your feedback via email during the conference.

Pre-conference Orientation

While we will still have an on-campus orientation for all attendees on the first day of the conference, we’re also offering an optional additional Zoom orientation on Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific time. This will be a time to meet the Conference staff, find out what to expect and how the conference is run, learn tips to get the most out of the conference, ask any questions about submissions, get familiar with a few other attendees’ faces, and ask any other pre-conference questions you may have. It’s not mandatory, but it will not be recorded. So, if you have some pressing questions, or just want make sure you’re as prepared as possible when you arrive on campus, this would be a great event to join. Here is the meeting URL (please do not share this with anyone as this is registered attendees only): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81344909431

Pre-conference Help with One Sheets and Proposals

If you’re interested in attending either a workshop on the components of a solid One Sheet or Proposal, or would like individual consultation or written feedback, contact director@vcwconf.com for details and to register interest.


This is SUPER important! Mt. Hermon only allows us to open registration at 4:30 pm, and asks that we have no attendees on campus any earlier than 3:30 pm. If you are flying in, or coming via any other method, and arrive prior to that time, please do NOT come onto campus. There are lovely restaurants and coffee shops at the airport, and, closer to Mt. Hermon, in both Scotts Valley and Felton. If you get into the area really early … Santa Cruz is only 17 minutes from Mt. Hermon and is a lovely coastal town to visit.

Transportation and Connections Facebook page

If you want to connect with other attendees for the purpose of carpooling or sharing rides from the airport, etc., send conference@vcwconf.com an email requesting to be added to the private page. We’ve already had a lot of connections made and carpools arranged!


As with last year, masks are optional. We do ask that you do not attend if you are experiencing any Covid signs.


At the bottom of this email is a conference graphic, and we’d very much appreciate your posting it to your social media pages. We are 90%+ full (we even have someone flying in from New Zealand!), but we’d love to make sure everyone who needs to know of this conference does … and you can help! If you’re unable to download the graphic directly from this email, you can also download it by clicking this link.


Our amazing conference photographer, Jackie Knapp, will be taking appointments for headshot mini-shoots for those of you wanting your first headshots, or to update the ones you have. Details on costs and scheduling will be out in the next couple of weeks.


We’re getting ready to sort out our final volunteer rosters and have our first team emails going out next month. If you have a couple of hours and would like to help out, we’d love to have you. Everything from our prayer team to registration to hospitality team (they do a number of things like setting up the faculty names on meal tables and refilling snacks, etc.)

Whew! I think that’s it for now!

So looking forward to seeing you all again!



Robynne Elizabeth Miller, MFA