(Date: 02/14/2023)

Hello All!

Happy Valentine’s Day

Just a few things in this email:

Bookstore: Although we still don’t have the large room at the end of the dining hall as with the legacy conference, we SHOULD have a little more space this year than last for our bookstore. So, attendees can have up to TWO titles this year, but we can only accept either 5 or 10 copies, with a maximum of 10.

To submit a book, please email the following information by March 20th, 2023 to conference@vcwconf.com with BOOKSTORE as the subject:

  1. Name
  2. Author name, if different
  3. Contact email
  4. Contact phone
  5. Mailing Address
  6. Title of Book(s)
  7. Price(s)
  8. Quantity
Once at the conference, the bookstore will be receiving pre-registered books ONLY from 4:30-5:30 pm and from 8:45-9:30 pm on Friday, March 31st.  PLEASE HAVE EACH BOOK CLEARLY MARKED (on a sticker) WITH THE PRICE.
Unsold books must be picked up on Tuesday, April 4th by 2:00 pm. The commission rate is the standard 20%, and checks for the proceeds of your sales will be mailed within two weeks of the end of the conference.
PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t PRE-REGISTERED your books by March 20th by sending the above information via email, you will NOT be able to sell your books at the bookstore. No walk-in books will be allowed. We have to enter every book and details into our system prior to the conference, so we MUST have all the required information by March 20th. Unfortunately, no exceptions. Also, if your books sell out during the conference, that’s awesome, but we cannot accept any replenished stock. So you can have up to two titles, and no more than ten copies of each. (please ask any questions ahead of time).
Headshots: This year, we have the fabulous Jackie Knapp, author and photographer extraordinaire, with us. If you would like a mini or full session to get those headshots in order, or to commemorate your time at the conference, click here to check out her flier and schedule your slot fast!
Contest Correction: Apologies all … please do NOT have your name in the header of your contest submissions! It’s an anonymous judging process, so make sure that only your title is in the header, and that your title and “Contest” is in the subject line of your submission email. If you have already submitted, you do NOT need to submit again. I have sorted your submissions (serves me right for the error! Lol). But from now on, please make sure your name isn’t in the header.
Final Spots: We have only a handful of rooms left, with only 2 1/2 rooms left for females. If you know someone who is hoping to attend, please let them know we’re almost sold out. We have attendees and faculty coming from all over the US, and even from as far away as New Zealand! Pretty exciting stuff
Schedules: If you’ve heard about the catastrophic rain and wind California was pummeled with this winter, and the resulting damage throughout the state, including Mt. Hermon, you might have been worried about whether the conference would happen at all. I was just down in CA a couple of weeks ago, and Mt. Hermon is in GREAT shape. There were a few mudslides and a sinkhole opened up in the road, as well as some damage to dwellings, but all has been sorted and the campus looks beautiful. However, the damage did cause a delay in us getting our confirmed buildings and teaching spaces as repairs and inspections were carried out. We just received that, so we can now start formalizing our schedule and where everything will be. We should have it up next week for you to start planning.
Recordings: I have been asked by many whether we will be able to record any of the conference. Last year, it wasn’t possible. This year, we are hoping to be able to record the majority of the workshops. There are rather complicated logistical hurdles to clear, however, so please pray we can. I know this is a resource many are hoping for.
That’s it for now!
Just a month and a half away!
Robynne Elizabeth Miller, MFA
Author, Speaker, Editor, Writing/Publishing Coach