(Date: 02/20/2023)

Hello Friends!

It is exactly ONE MONTH from the close of registration! Can you believe that?

Because we are in the home stretch, we’ve had a flurry of inquiries and changes and switches behind the scenes, which has made it quite challenging to keep the website updated with exactly which rooms we have left (two spots for females and five for males at the moment). To make sure we don’t make a mistake, we’ve taken down the ability to register online. But don’t worry if your friend, or sibling, or spouse hasn’t yet registered … THERE ARE STILL SOME PLACES LEFT! You just need to email director@vcwconf.com to sort out registrations from this point.


Pre-Conference Orientation: Saturday, February 25, 2023 at 11:00 am Pacific time.

This will be a time to meet the Conference staff, find out what to expect and how the conference is run, learn tips to get the most out of the conference, ask any questions about submissions, get familiar with a few other attendees’ faces, and ask any other pre-conference questions you may have. It’s not mandatory, but it is advised … especially if you’ve never been to Mt. Hermon before. So, if you have some pressing questions, or just want to make sure you’re as prepared as possible when you arrive on campus, join us. [The Zoom link for the orientation was included in the email (and SMS message) sent to all attendees. If you cannot find the email (or SMS message), please check your spam folder. Otherwise, please email us to get the Zoom link].

One Sheets & Proposals Workshop

We have had enough interest to do a workshop on One Sheets and Proposals, so we will be talking about that at the orientation and scheduling it soon.

Professional Track

The deadline for submitting an application is March 1, and for requesting an application, the deadline is February 25. Please email director@vcwconf.com to submit your application or request and application form.

Hope to see you Saturday!


Robynne Elizabeth Miller, MFA
Author, Speaker, Editor, Writing/Publishing Coach