The vast bulk of conference activity takes place in the area surrounding the Youth Memorial, but teaching may also be happening in Lakeside, Laurel, and Newton buildings, as well as the Youth Memorial, the Auditorium, etc.

For the 2024 conference, coffee will be available for purchase in the Central Lounge and the Fountain will also be open for ice cream, snacks, etc. We do not have information on opening hours at this time.

On arriving at the campus, everyone heads to the Welcome Center to register and receive their lanyards, etc. The lanyards will be required to enter any teaching space, the dining hall, etc.

Here’s a full map of the grounds (note, though we do not use the entire campus for the conference, you are free to explore):


[Download the map]

Traveling to Mount Hermon

Details of traveling to Mount Hermon can be found here.