This is a team-led track with four instructors all taking one day of teaching time. James L. Rubart will talk about structuring fiction and the checkpoints all stories must pass through. Tara Johnson will address character development, emotional and physical motivation, and body language. Robynne E. Miller will dive into the power and value of description and how it can elevate your story and bring depth to your narrative. Tricia Goyer will help writers understand the import of theme and message, and how to weave them into your story with impact and purpose.

Short Form Nonfiction

Marci Seither will be looking at and unpacking multiple short forms of nonfiction, including devotionals, articles, blog posts, and much more. Once the fundamentals of tight writing and how to be intentional with your words in short form nonfiction are learned, not only will you be able to grow your platform and increase your income, but you will also have strengthened your ability to write in mid and long forms of nonfiction, too.


Cindy Coloma will be delving into all things Memoir … the why, how, and form of it. From the inciting incident right through to the intended takeaway, writers will learn what the components of compelling memoir are, how to navigate them with finesse, and how to craft their own stories into powerful personal stories.

Professional Track

Team taught by James L. Rubart and Tracy Higley, this track is for authors already down the road of professional writing. Open by application only, this track is focused on helping writers to fine-tune their platforms, projects, and message. If you’ve built a platform, developed a message and brand, and have published, but are ready for a little inspiration and information to take your career to the next level, this track may be for you.

We are no longer accepting applications to the Professional Track.

Writing for Children

If you write for children, in either short or long form, this is your track. Team taught by Linda Howard, Associate Publisher for Children and Youth at Tyndale House, and Jesse Florea, Senior Editorial Director for youth publications at Focus on the Family, this dynamic duo will give you all the inside scoop on writing for younger audiences. From what publishers want to how to leverage articles and short pieces for building platform, you’ll gain practical, current information from two industry legends.