Lindsay Franklin

YA /Speculative / Fantasy with Lindsay Franklin

Know your audience: it’s the magic secret to everything from landing a joke to communicating effectively in business. And it’s the key to nailing your genre. In this tailored-to-you major morning track, we’ll focus on knowing your speculative and YA audiences from every possible facet, exploring topics such as worldbuilding, character arcs, tropes, themes, and more. Later we’ll demystify some business and practical topics that can be overwhelming for writers. I’ll put on my Managing Editor hat and cover time management, writing stellar synopses, and whatever else comes up in our AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

Each day we’ll have interactive writing exercises and Q&A sessions, so bring your work-in-progress, the burning story idea that won’t leave you alone, or that troublesome manuscript you just can’t seem to figure out. My goal is for every writer at any stage of publication to walk away feeling ready to break through to the next level.

This track will be in the Youth Memorial Building

Tricia Goyer

Nonfiction (Long Form) with Tricia Goyer

Crafting Truth: The Art and Discipline of Long-Form Nonfiction, a major morning track for nonfiction writers designed for writers seeking to master the craft of nonfiction. From the foundational principles of nonfiction, research ethics, and narrative structuring to the nuances of character development, scene crafting, and engaging storytelling, this course covers it all. Learn the disciplined approach to writing, the secrets of editing, and the strategies for navigating the publishing world.

Through interactive workshops, industry expert insights, and practical assignments, participants will improve their writing and prepare for publication. This track is for authors committed to truth, integrity, and the power of stories. Transform your passion for writing into impactful, published books.

This track will be in Newton Cascade A

Fiction with Robin Lee Hatcher

Dive into the art of fiction writing with an immersive four-session Fiction Writing Track taught by Robin Lee Hatcher. This course offers guidance on crafting compelling narratives.
Session 1 lays the foundation with a deep dive into the essentials of fiction, including character creation and plot development.
In Session 2, condense your learning into an exploration of advanced storytelling techniques.
Session 3 focuses on the intricacies of the writing process and the art of revision.
The final session culminates in a workshop where your work receives constructive feedback.
Each session is thoughtfully structured with dedicated writing assignments, interactive discussions, and brief breaks to refresh and refocus. Whether you're beginning your first novel or seeking to refine your writing skills, this track offers the tools and inspiration to bring your stories to life.

This track will be in Newton Cascade B

Bob Hostetler

The Spiritual Life of a Writer with Bob Hostetler

An interactive morning track based on the premise that the spiritual life of a writer is the often-neglected but indispensable fuel for the writing life.

These four workshop sessions will combine sound biblical teaching, discussion, and energizing and enlightening writing exercises. Taught by a much-published author and literary agent who hopes to become spiritual sometime soon.

This track will be in Lakeside

Cynthia Ruchti

A Crash Course on Writing and Publishing with Cynthia Ruchti

Despite rumors, this is not a Major Morning Track devoted to helping your writing and publishing career CRASH and burn. It is the opposite—how to prevent that from happening. Both practical and philosophical, both educational and spiritually significant, this track touches on everything from why you write to who reads what you write. It dives into sweet and harsh realities to aid you in decision-making, adopting manageable expectations, and vaulting over hurdles that trip other writers.

You’ll walk away from the classes having developed clear next steps, knowing where you stand, understanding the myths you can jettison, and embracing the moves that will propel you forward.

This track will be in Brookside.