2023 Workshop Audio Recordings Now Available

Hello All!

During the conference, we were often asked if workshops were going to be recorded. The answer is, YES, we have audio recordings for 36 of the workshops available.

Did you miss that amazing workshop on podcasting? What about that platform building and marketing info? Were you torn between two great options that happened to be at the same time? Here’s your chance to “attend” the workshops you missed!

Even though all 36 can be subscribed to as a group for a total cost of less than $5 per workshop, we know that not everyone is interested in every topic. So, to make things even more affordable, there are five groupings of workshops to choose from:

  • All Workshops
  • Only Fiction Workshops
  • Only Nonfiction Workshops
  • Only Marketing Workshops
  • Only Various/Other Workshops

(Note: Some workshops are in more than one grouping. )

Each grouping is priced according to how many are in that category. Once purchased, they will be available to listen to on this website for 60 days, though there is an option to extend that time should you need it.

Please note, these recordings are only available to listen to online. Do not forward, link to, record, or share these workshops. We need to respect our faculty and their proprietary teaching so that it is not offered or available to anyone outside conference attendees. Violation of this could end our ability to make workshop recordings available in the future.

In order to access the audio recordings, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the “2023 Audio” menu item (or the first item from the drop-down) and read through the details. Then click the “Subscribe to Audio Recordings” button at the bottom of the page.
  • For first time users, you will then need to (re)set your password, from the Log In page. Every attendee has an account on the website that uses the email address connected to your conference registration.
  • After logging in, you should then be redirected to the main Subscription page where you can choose the option you want. There will also be additional menu options under the “2023 Audio” menu item once you’ve logged in.
  • Once you’ve subscribed, the recordings can also be accessed from the drop-down menu or from this page.

Note: If you did not attend (or register for) the 2023 conference and would like to access the recordings, we are making all 36 available for a total cost of $699. Please use our Contact Form to contact us for more details.

Here’s a sample of Jesse Florea’s Workshop on Writing for Focus on the Family: